5 X Shower Flow Regulator Regulators Set for Faucets & Shower Water Saving 5L Faucet Gaskets


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Water Saving Shower Washer Regulator For Shower Head and Hose G1/2" 5L Per Minute Place this flow restrictor between the shower hose and the showerhead. With integrated rubber band around! With minimal cost saves large amounts of water daily. For installation, you just need to unscrew the shower hose from the showerhead, place the FILTER between and retighten! Save about 50% more water and energy than a normal phone flow of 10 liters per minute. Environmental protection from water scarcity! Water flow of about 5liters per minute. Place easily not need technician. Flow rate:yellow for 5L Size:19mm*3mm Package info: 5 pcs flow reducer washer with bubble bag

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